Welcome to Susan W. Patton Photography! Thank you for your interest in my work. To share a little about my style of photography, I am a huge fan of real life. I love photography that tells a story and makes you feel something when you look at it. People holding hands, siblings laughing with each other, kids running around...to me, there is so much beauty in the every day little experiences that we can all relate to.

In terms of lighting and location, I prefer to use natural light for my sessions. The majority of my work is done outdoors, in the areas of New Castle, New Wilmington, Hermitage, Ellwood City, Cranberry, Wexford (Pennsylvania) and the Boardman, Niles (Ohio) areas. I love farms, fields, barns (oh my heart, I love barns), ponds, parks, woods, walking trails, creeks...anywhere we can think. I also love architecture and urban shoots too. The common thread is the open space and fresh air which seem to bring out the best in people and in my work. It's just relaxing. And fun. My gosh, you'll have fun!

You may wonder if I ever shoot indoors. Yes, of course, I can shoot inside but I try my hardest to use whatever natural light I can to capture interesting, artistic images.

If you want traditional, formal portraits...you know the ones in which everyone is sitting in front of a staged backdrop, shirts are tucked in, hair is perfect, and children are being bribed or threatened to behave, I beg you to contact another photographer. This type of photography is as painful for me to shoot as it is for you to smile through. It's not my strength and I don't feel called in any way to this style of picture-taking. I do real life. I do silly, unruly, unstructured, wonderfully imperfect and artistic shoots. I don't mind popsicle-stained mouths or grumpy pants. I don't care if your child just cut his or her own hair and has no bangs. In fact, I welcome it all. It's real life. And it's just so great.

In terms of time and money, a shoot generally lasts 1-2 hours and will run $125 (due at time of session, please). Images will be available for viewing within 4-6 weeks from the date of your session. You will have a password protected album on my website that you can share with others. From this album, you will be able to purchase prints and various products. I am always expanding my product line, so if there is something you don't see that you'd like, please don't hesitate to ask.

Print and product pricing*:
Although the following price list doesn't include all the items I offer, these are the most commonly asked about ones and will give you a good idea of what to expect in terms of pricing:

Table top/gift-sized prints
4 wallets (one image): $10.
4x5: $10
4x6: $10
5x7: $15
8x10: $30

Large Prints:
11x14: $85
16x20: $100
16x24: $125
20x24: $150
20x30: $175
30x40: $200


Gallery wraps: 
8x10: $132
11x14: $154
16x20: $192
(other sizes available upon request)


Framed images:

8x10: $132

11x14: $192

16x20: $275


5x7 double-sided flat cards for holidays, graduation, Holy Communion, thank yous, etc.:  $2 each (minimum order 25 cards).

Digital download of session images with permission to print:    $600


Digital download with USB of session images with permission to print:  $625


Digital download of single image with print rights:   $50

For further information or to schedule a session, feel free to email me at susanwpatton@yahoo.com or call me at 412.523.0915. I look forward to working with you!

*prices subject to change